Anatolian Farm 4K is a “first of its kind project” that tells a wide story about the agricultural life and agricultural production portrait of Anatolia, Turkey. Project is defined as the biggest documentary event ever in its way that the main content is focused on “Man&Earth’s Relationship”.

The project is focused on the” journey of the food” today right from the fields – from the hand of the genuine producers to the final consumer. By this way, the story comes to a main focus and paints a big picture fo audience; searching for a simple answer to one question:

“ People eat, drink and constantly consumes today.. from where and how it’s reaching to your tables at home?.. and how far this production line goes?..

Anatolian geography, natural sources, methods and agricultural know-how blends into the storytelling. The project is being produced in high-tech 4K resolution standards and will be offered to the audience by the same quality – planning to be released by the first quarter of 2020 season.