Startup: Vahaa

Alternative farming methods have been around for centuries — but over the past decade, the field has really grown thanks to technological innovation. Namely, new technology such as LED lights, temperature-controlled shipping container farms, and indoor vertical farms have allowed for so many advancements in improving the way we grow produce — namely, by making it more accessible and by lowering agriculture’s environmental impact. 

Compared to conventional farming, indoor farming, and vertical farming take up less land, there is no risk of pests (or need for pesticides), they yield more crops, and they bring locally-grown produce to communities that cannot grow a variety of produce year-round (which is more nutritious and has less of an environmental impact, since it isn’t traveling across the world). 

Vahaa aims the conservation of available resources by providing an alternative to urban agriculture using container farming and indoor vertical farming that offers you sustainable, fresh and traceable fruits & vegetables.